Post-Election 2016: Teaching After the Election of Trump – Adult resources

Teaching Young Children about Slavery and Resistance: (part of Teaching Tolerance)

When We Fight We Win!: Twenty-First-Century Social Movements and the Activists That Are Transforming Our World  Book – Non-fiction. By Greg Jobin Leeds, Dey Hernandez Vazquez, and AgitArte. 2016. 208 pages. A visually rich and inspiring book of 21st-century leaders and activists distill their wisdom, sharing lessons of what makes and what hinders transformative social change.

Let’s Talk about Racism in Schools. Rick Wormeli. Vitriol and violence connected to race are running high. K–12 classrooms are where we must start to build an equitable, non-racist society.

Beginning Courageous Conversations About Race

Border Crossers 

Against Trump and the World That Made Him Readings and Resources 

‘You are all our kids, no matter what’: Award-winning teachers band together, speak out to protect students.

Teaching Civics in the Time of Trump  Do we need a new Schoolhouse Rock! to remind us how to run a democracy? BY PANYIN CONDUAH | DECEMBER 20, 2016

Stepping Up to Teach in Turbulent Times  By Karen Engels